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The brazier kit has many other uses which include

bonfires and fires in the hearth of a furnished house.

It produces a rapid flicker effect and comes complete

with a piece of diffuser paper (but NOT the brazier).

The firebox reproduces the flickering firebox of a steam loco.

In a full size loco the fire starts with a dull orange flicker

as the loco works harder and for longer

the fire becomes more of a yellow flicker.

When the loco comes to a halt the fire remains yellow

for a time before slowly returning to orange.

Our firebox simulator reproduces these changes

and remains lit when stationary because of the battery.

The kit also includes a diffuser for the firebox door.

PLEASE NOTE, the firebox kit is NOT suitable for DCC

(the only one of our kits that won't work correctly on DCC)

(it still flickers but doesn't change colour)

The kits comprise a small PCB (25 x 15 x 7mm, approx)

with either four connections - 2 for power and 2 for the orange LED

for the Brazier or seven connections for the Firebox

2 for power, 3 for the orange & yellow LEDs and 2 for the battery

a bridge diode is also supplied with the Firebox kit.

HMBR - Brazier kit 12.50

HMFB - Firebox kit 15.00

Brazier and firebox simulators

E&OE all prices EXCLUDE Post & Packing