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Most rescue and emergency vehicles in model form

if fitted with an illuminated beacon just flash.

Our beacon kits reproduce the distinctive

pulse of light followed by a slow decay

which is then stopped by the next pulse

giving a more accurate representation

of the light output from the rotating beacon.

The kits comprise a small PCB (25 x 15 x 7mm, approx)

with just four connections - 2 for power and 2 for the LED

either an amber or blue LED in 2 sizes and a bridge diode

in case you wish to mount it on a moving vehicle.

BCN/O - Amber beacon kit (3mm LED) 12.50

BCN/OL - Amber beacon kit (2mm LED) 12.50

BCN/B - Blue beacon kit (3mm LED) 13.00

BCN/BL - Blue beacon kit (2mm LED) 13.00

Rotating beacon simulators

E&OE all prices EXCLUDE Post & Packing