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Model 1A with separate 1.5A transformer

                 gives up to 1Amp, 0-12V DC output

Model CF2A Mains powered 0-12V DC @ 2.5A + 16V AC @ 2.5A

Model CF5A Mains powered 0-12V DC @ 5A + 16V AC @ 5A

Model CF5M is same specification as the CF5A + Volt & Amp meters

Model CF5LGB Mains powered 0-20V DC @ 4.5A + 16V AC @ 4.5A

Model CF5LGBM is same specification as the CF5LGB + Volt & Amp meters

Model 30A Mains powered 0-30V DC @ 30Amps

Model 30RC Mains powered 0-30V DC @ 30Amps + corded remote control

RM5 & RF5A/2 remote controllers for CF range

Click on the model number for full specifications

With the exception of the 1A, 30A and 30RC, all controllers use the same "Carbon Fibre" case so that mixing different models will still result in a matching control panel on your layout.

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Model Railway

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