1 Amp controller specifications

This model of controller is intended as an "entry level" controller for the smaller OO or N scale layouts. Derived from our 5 Amp controller (which requires 1 Amp of drive to feed the power transistor mounted on the aluminium fin), we have kept the same circuit board, changing the operation of the short-circuit trip to 1 Amp. This gives the rugged reliability of the 5 Amp model for those who appreciate it's performance but do not require such a high power level.

We have used a separate mains transformer, rated at 1.5 Amps, which has enabled us to use a compact case size, big enough to be stable when sat on a desk or control panel but small enough and light enough for occasional hand-held use.

1 Output 0-12 Volts DC @ 1 Amp (intermittent)

Model 1A controller is 55

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